A Little About Me…

Hello! My name is RaéChel (Ray-Shell) and thank you for visiting my blog!

After years of deciding if I should start a blog, I finally decided to go for it! Food, travel, lifestyle, curly hair tips, room decor, babies, advice, life experiences, and more! I have a lot of great ideas planned for RaéChel Lizabeth and I truly hope you enjoy.

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Originally from Orlando, FL (born and raised), I attended the University of South Florida earning both my B.A. in Psychology and my M.A.T. in Elementary Education. I am now in my early 20s and recently moved to Houston, Texas, where I hope to accomplish some amazing things in the near future with my blogging experience and my career in education.

Half African-American, half Trinidadian, I am a daughter, sister, and aunt. I love eating, practicing yoga, puppies, exercise or anything outdoors, taking pictures, and exploring the world within my grasps. While pursuing my Psychology degree I worked as a tutor for my university, where I absolutely fell in love with education and all aspects related; hence, influencing my continued education and career goals.


Stay tuned to see my journey! I love feedback so please send me any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have about me or any of my posts. Thank you again!


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