Vacuum Your Floors

If the last task you do when you are cleaning your home is vacuum your floors, you’re doing it wrong.

I know you’ve heard that foundation is key in supporting, maintaining, and building upon anything. You wouldn’t dive into a relationship without establishing boundaries and expectations – and if you have before, then you know how important they are – nor would you put walls around a home without a sturdy substructure. You wouldn’t do these things because order of operations have proven them unsuccessful.

This fact applies to multiple facets of life.

A new year is coming and everyone will soon begin planning and posting their resolutions and “new year, new me” cliché memes. It always amuses me that the majority of the world feels because they wait until January 1st, their aspirations will magically be fulfilled. There is a beautiful magic in changing your life for better, but it has nothing to do with the date on which you change. The magic is in you. You believing. You wanting. You working. You setting and building upon an intact foundation.

I will not perpetrate and act like I have never waited until the new year to change my ways. But I found each year I revert to my old behaviors. It was because I wasn’t truly ready to change. That makes no sense right? I decide on my own that something needs to be different and I even go as far as setting a date, waiting patiently on this date, and acting on this date and multiple days thereafter, but I actually wasn’t ready? Let me ask you this: have you ever been excited about doing something? I mean deeply excited? Bone marrow, Earth’s inner core, center of a Tootsie Pop deep? That “Wyd?” after midnight text, wake up on payday morning, driving off the lot in your new used car excited? If you have, then you know you didn’t wait for a generic day in a different year to make your moves. You acted right away and you were serious about what you were doing.

Our priorities determine our actions; and our priorities are established in our personal foundations.

Whether you’re cleaning your home, or cleaning up your life, you have to remove everything off the surface and start from the bottom. Once you are able to move freely in a space without having to constantly look down, rearranging and disposing and adding what is necessary will be a breeze and significantly more effective in adding value and purpose to your life.

Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping – whatever – when done first sets the mood for the rest of the cleaning. Sometimes this literally means vacuuming, or it could mean ending toxic relationships, no longer procrastinating, or putting yourself first. It does not too much matter when you make these changes, but instead ensuring they are set in the core foundation you have developed for yourself.


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